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Custom proteins

Custom Antibodies


Molecular biology

  1. Chemiluminescent Detection Kits
  2. Microwell Substrates for AP and HRP
  3. Membrane Substrates and Protein Detection Kits
  4. Immunohistochemistry and In Situ hybridization
  5. Blocking and Wash Buffers

 BioProduct  Agaroses

  • SeaKem LE Agarose
  • SeaPlaque Agarose
  • SeaKem® GTG Agarose
  • SeaPlaque® GTG Agarose
  • NuSieve 3:1 Agarose
  • NuSieve® GTG ® Agarose
  • MetaPhor® Agarose
  • SeaKem Gold Agarose
  • SeaKem HGT, HGT(P), HE, HEEO, and ME Agaroses
  • IsoGel® Agarose
  • SeaPrep® Agarose
  • InCert® Agarose
  • I.D.NA® Agarose

Precast Gels

  • LatitudeTM HT series Precast Agarose Gels
  • Latitude Precast Agarose Midigels
  • Latitude Midigel Chamber
  • Reliant Gel System
  • Glyoxal Sample Buffer
  • PAGEr Gold TBE Precast Gels
  • PAGEr Gold Tris-Glycine Precast Gels
  • Reliant RNA Gel System
  • IsoGel Agarose IEF Plates
  • Reliant Gel for the BAX® Pathogen Detection Systems

Stains,Markers and Buffers

GelStar® Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

SYBR® Green Gel Stains

  • DNA Ladders
  • DNA and RNA markers
  • Megabase DNA Standards
  • ProSieve® Color Protein Markers
  • ProSieve Protein Markers
  • SYPRO® Red Protein Gel Stain

DNA Sequencing/Mutation Detection

  • Complete Solutions for DNA Sequencing
  • Long RangerTM Gel Solutions
  • Long Ranger Singel TM Packs
  • Sequencing Buffer
  • 5X TBE Sequencing Buffer
  • 10X TBE Sequencing Buffer
  • Long Ranger PreMix Gel Solution
  • Rapid RangerTM PreMix Gel Solution
  • Long Ranger XL PreMix Gel Solution
  • Gel SlickTM Solution
  • Gel Temperature Monitoring Strps
  • Plate Drying Racks
  • Manual DNA Sequencing
  • MDETM Gel Solution
  • MDE Heteroduplex Kit

Specialty Products

  • ß-Agarose
  • ProSieve 50 Gel Solution
  • GelBond® Film
  • GelBond PAG Film