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Enzyme Sampler Pak (ESP)

For evaluating various protoplast isolating enzymes. Each ESP is sufficient for 2-3 evaluations.
Enzymes Karlan

500 mg # 2019 Cellulase RS
500 mg # 2020 Cellulase R10
500 mg # 2023 Cellulase Y-C
500 mg # 2800 Driselase
500 mg # 6152 Macerozyme R10
100 mg # 8006 Pectolyase Y23


# 2019 Cellulase RS

Source:Trichoderma viride

Activity: Greater than 16,000 u/g of filter paper decomposing activity. Contains approximately three times the xylanase activity of Cellulase R10 (cat.# 2020). Optimum pH: 4.0 - 5.0. Optimum temperature: 50 C - 60 C

# 2020 Cellulase R-10

Source:Trichoderma viride

Activity: 10,000 u/g of filter paper decomposing activity. Contains a high level of hemicellulase. Optimum pH: 4.0 - 5.0. Optimum temperature: 40 C - 50 C

# 2023 Cellulase Y-C

Source:Trichoderma viride

Retains a high level of filter paper decomposing activity; a high level of xylanase and hemicellulase is also indicated. Cellulase Y-C has shown the ability to remove cell walls from plant tissues in shorter incubation periods with no apparent loss of activity. In combination with Pectolyase Y23 (cat.# 8006) protoplasts can be obtained from a broad spectrum of plants.

# 2028 Chitinase

(E.C.3.2.11)Source:(Aeromonas hydrophila)

Hydrolyzes b-1,4 linkages of chitin, a polymer of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. Practically free of citobiase activity.

# 2800 Driselase


A compound enzyme system having strong cellulase and pectinase activities,as well as laminarase,xylanase and amylase activities. Optimum pH: 3.0 - 6.0. Optimum temperature: 30 C - 55 C

# 3920 Funcelase

Source:Trichoderma viride

A fungal b-1,3 glucanase preparation which contains a high activity of chitinase, and can dissolve the cell walls of various yeasts and fungi to produce protoplasts in a short time. Activity: 15,000 u/g

# 4524 Hemicellulase

Source: Aspergilus niger

Lactose stabilized powder. Activity: 2500 u/g using a defined locust bean gum as substrate

# 4525 Hemicellulase HP

A fungal enzyme which hydrolyzes vegetable gums. High pentosanase and hexosanase activity.Optimum pH: 3..0 - 5.0Optimum temperature: 40 C - 50 C

# 6152 Macerozyme R10

Source:Rhizopus sp.

A maceration enzyme standardized at 3000 maceration units/gram. The activity is based on measuring the volume of single cells released from potato tuber disks. Optimum pH: 5.0 - 6.0. Optimum temperature: 40 C - 50 C

# 6250 Meicelase

Source: Trichoderma viride

This enzyme is very active to b-1,4-glucan, b-1,3-glucan and b-1,4-xylan; contains approximately 8 million units/gram of filter paper decomposing activity.

# 8006 Pectolyase Y23

Source:Aspergilus japonicus

A highly purified enzyme for isolating biologically active protoplasts from a broad range of high plant tissues. Contains approximately 100 x 10(3) maceration units/gram,based on measuring the volume of single cells released from potato tuber disks. Can be used in combination with Cellulase Y-C (cat.# 2023) to obtain a broad range of plant protoplasts.