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GelBond® Films, ProSieve® Gel Solution, ß-Agarase

50617 ProSieve 50 Gel Solution- 125 ml

50618 ProSieve 50 Gel Solution- 250 ml

53734 GelBond Film- 85mm x 100mm x 0.2mm

53740 GelBond Film- 102mm x .2mm x 16.5m

53745 GelBond Film- 110mm x 125mm 0.2mm

53746 GelBond Film- 100mm x 150mm x 0.2mm

53748 GelBond Film- 110mm x 205mm x 0.2mm

53749 GelBond Film- 160mm x 180mm x 0.2mm

53750 GelBond Film- 127mm x 0.2mm x 16.5m

53759 GelBond Film- 125mm x 245mm x 0.2mm

53760 GelBond Film- 152mm x 0.2mm

53761 GelBond Film- 124mm x 258mm x 0.2mm

53780 GelBond Film- 203mm x 0.2mm

54711 GelBond PAG Film- 138mm x 158mm x 0.2mm

54723 GelBond PAG Film- 160mm x 180mm x 0.2mm

54727 GelBond PAG Film- 124mm x 258mm x 0.2mm

54729 GelBond PAG Film- 220mm x 165mm x 0.2mm

54731 GelBond PAG Film- 199mm x 264mm x 0.2mm

54733 GelBond PAG Film- 203mm x 260mm x 0.2mm

54735 GelBond PAG Film- 195mm x 370mm x 0.2mm

54746 GelBond PAG Film- 350mm x 430mm x 0.2mm

58001 ß-Agarase

58005 ß-Agarase

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