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Here are the results for : Molecular Biology : Agarose

Not sure which Agarose to use?  Agarose Selection Guide

50000 SeaKem LE Agarose-125 G

50001 SeaKem LE Agarose-25 G

50004 SeaKem LE Agarose-500 G

50005 SeaKem LE Agarose-1000 G

50010 SeaKem ME Agarose-125 G

50011 SeaKem ME Agarose-25 G

50014 SeaKem ME Agarose-500 G

50020 SeaKem HE Agarose-125 G

50021 SeaKem HE Agarose-25 G

50030 SeaKem HEEO Agarose-125 G

50031 SeaKem HEEO Agarose-25 G

50040 SeaKem HGT Agarose-125 G

50041 SeaKem HGT Agarose-25 G

50050 SeaKem HGT-P Agarose-125 G

50070 SeaKem GTG Agarose-125 G

50071 SeaKem GTG Agarose-25 G

50074 SeaKem GTG Agarose-500 G

50080 NuSieve GTG Agarose-125 G

50081 NuSieve GTG Agarose-25 G

50084 NuSieve GTG Agarose-500 G

50090 NuSieve 3:1 Agarose-125 G

50091 NuSieve 3:1 Agarose-25 G

50094 NuSieve 3:1 Agarose-500 G

50100 SeaPlaque Agarose-125 G

50101 SeaPlaque Agarose-25 G

50104 SeaPlaque Agarose-500 G

50105 SeaPlaque Agarose-1 KG

50110 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose-125 G

50111 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose-25 G

50114 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose-500 G

50115 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose-1 KG

50121 InCert Agarose-1 G

50123 InCert Agarose-5 G

50150 SeaKem Gold Agarose-125 G

50152 SeaKem Gold Agarose-25 G

50170 I.D.NA Agarose-125 G

50180 MetaPhor Agarose-125 G

50181 MetaPhor Agarose-25 G

50184 MetaPhor Agarose-500 G

50185 MetaPhor Agarose-1KG

50202 IsoGel Agarose-25 G

50302 SeaPrep Agarose-25 G

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